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6 Creative Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

When matched with the right interior design elements, a blank wall can look good. But often, it can leave you feeling uninspired. So if you find staring at your room’s blank wall becoming a bore, it’s time to spruce it up. While it’s easy to paint an empty wall with a solid colour, sometimes, it’s better to go all out and decorate it.

If you’re looking for inspiration to turn your empty wall from dull to vibrant, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five creative ways to decorate a blank wall. 

Layer on the colours.

The best antidote to a plain & dull wall is a maximalist makeover. First, you can plaster lightly coloured & patterned wallpaper on it. Then, find a piece of wooden furniture to make a contrast. You can be more experimental by placing solid or pastel-coloured sculptural objects and pieces on top of the console table. As long as you layer the colours carefully, your revamped wall will look polished & modern.

Go for an eclectic mix.

A less-than-fun wall can easily turn into a vibrant space with an eclectic mix of artwork and decors. So don’t be afraid to hang framed vintage movie posters, line art, landscape art prints and cute family photos to create a unique gallery wall. Then, place a console table against the wall and display mini sculptures, some mugs from your pottery class or a collection of yarns you bought on your last trip to Asia. 

Highlight your indoor plants.

You’d normally find house plants in the empty corners or near the windowsill. But if you’re looking for a creative way to fill an empty wall, why don’t you use your indoor plants for it? Build shelves on the wall and paint them white. Then, place your potted plants on the shelves. That burst of vivid greenery will breathe life into your living area. Just be sure to take care of your plants well to keep them looking vibrant.

Paint the blank wall but use angles.

While you can paint the empty wall with any solid colour, you can take it up a notch by sketching out interesting angles and playing with proportions. Then, fill different sections or angles with two to three different colours to turn the wall into an artwork.

Choose a wall hanging.

Don’t have the time, energy and resources to paint or decorate a blank wall? Shop for one or two wall hanging pieces. Great examples include loom weavings, macramé or pegboard. These pieces can quickly add texture and colour, taking your dull wall from blah to brilliant without costing you thousands of dollars. 

Install a built-in bookshelf.

If you’re an avid reader running out of space to store your to-be-read books, turn your empty wall into a built-in bookcase. This feature will quickly give shape to a flat wall and shower it with a vibrant colour palette, thanks to the different book covers. When done right, a built-in bookshelf will feel more like decor rather than storage

Follow one of these tips, and you’ll never have to stare at a boring wall in your home again. Have all the fun decorating your wall and turning it from blah to brilliant!

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